I am a former classroom teacher (B.A., Elementary Education) with a passion to equip struggling readers for academic success through Orton-Gillingham phonological support. I am a trained Special Education Advocate for families and students with learning differences, including 504 and IEP needs. Assistance with the identification of relevant testing needs and referrals for diagnosis of a suspected learning disability.  I am currently in the process of getting Board Certified as an Educational Advocate, BCEA.  I will work to ensure school implementation of academic support, accommodations and modifications.


I am a dyslexic coach, trained in Wilson Reading System, Alphabetic Phonics, Orton-Gillingham & Read Naturally. 

I am also the parent of a gifted Dyslexic, now a college graduate and successful data analyst, who utilized academic accommodations. I feel that the ten year journey to secure a diagnosis for my then-Honor Roll son has given me a personal perspective to coach parents as advocates for children with learning differences. Equipping students to reach their academic potential is an attainable goal that can be reached through evidence-based Orton-Gillingham intervention and effective 504 or Individual Educational Plans (IEPs).  

Educational Services

Special Education Advocacy

Candidate for Board Certified Educational Advocate (BCEA) for all special education needs. 

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Executive Functioning

90 minute sessions.

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Group instruction addressing Executive Function skills such as: organization, task-initiation, follow-through to completion, and time management. 

Dyslexia Intervention

1 hour sessions.

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One-on-One Wilson Language Reading instruction. Based on Orton-Gillingham (OG) structured literacy for dyslexic students.