"Valerie Duvall has been advocating for 10 years.  She started her journey after realizing her own son had dyslexia.  He is now a college graduate who continues to make his mother proud.  My family met Valerie and obtained her name from a physician at Vanderbilt who diagnosed my son in April 2015.  Valerie is a trained tutor also, and began working with my son by using an Orton-Gillingham-based Wilson program and has made significant progress with him.

My son's diagnosis was only the first of many steps.  We went through several tests with the school and Valerie helped to suggest additional testing for his Executive Function/emotional control challenges often found with dyslexics.  The school did not recognize his diagnosis but we continued to advocate and ask the school to provide appropriate intervention.  Valerie has been an advocate for my son through meeting attendance and educational consulting.  We have built a relationship between my son's dyslexia intervention coach and teachers to ensure they are on the same page regarding his dyslexia.  

Valerie provides data, resources, state laws and parent education to help prepare us to be effective "Mama and Papa Bear" to effectively advocate for our "cub."  My son has responded well to her dyslexia coaching and when she was out due to vacation, he was actually disappointed that he would not have his sessions with her.

I can honestly say that, without her advocacy, expertise and support with my son's teachers and counselors, I am not sure where we would be in this journey.  We are grateful to Valerie Duvall for her leadership and she has become a part of our extended family."

-Amy A.